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So You Got a Traffic Ticket. Don’t Let it Ruin Your Driving Record by Failing to Get Help.

In 2006 over 158,000 traffic charges were dismissed. Every year thousands and thousands of people are getting out of traffic tickets. And the common theme with them all? They contested their Seattle traffic ticket or Bellevue traffic ticket. We are Seattle traffic ticket attorneys and Bellevue traffic ticket attorneys and can help you fight your traffic ticket. Seattle speeding ticket attorneys can make sure your ticket is scrutinized for accuracy and you get your best day in court.

Now, getting a Seattle traffic ticket might not seem like a big deal. After all, it’s just a speeding ticket, failure to stop ticket, running a red light ticket, reckless driving ticket, or some other traffic violation. But when you consider the consequences, including increased insurance costs; fines; possibly a suspended driver’s license; the mark on your traffic record forever; and the time spent fighting your Seattle traffic ticket, the cost can add up. Don’t settle for paying more without a fight.

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